Devotion – Ocean Of Grief (Official Music Video)

Published on October 1, 2016 by Seb

Directed by John Jenkins // What We Do Collective
Additional cameras by Kai Borson-Paine and Christopher Patton

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European version of the LP available from

After years of being lost in the deep space of record label purgatory, pressing plant delays, and financial limbo, the second full length album from the bastard sons of the Pacific Northwest has finally re-entered the atmosphere and landed back on Earth. The album, titled Headspace Astronaut, is the product of an exhaustive series of recording sessions that took place in Seattle, WA, during 2012 and 2013, the results of which remained top secret and highly classified… until now. With a total running time approaching an hour, this dense collection of tunes finds Devotion diving all the way into the heavy rock sound hinted at on their debut album. While clearly deeply influenced by Seattle’s heavier, so-called “grunge” groups of the early ’90s, as well as by the down-tuned groove of some of the biggest metal acts to emerge from the American South, Devotion essentially give stylistic nods to all manner of heavy guitar rock music, from the proto-metal pioneers of the 1970s right on through to the present. However, not content to rely exclusively on volume and aggression, tracks like Straight To The Bottom and Eyes Of Eternity find Devotion employing clean, acoustic guitars and sparse percussion to take the listener on a caravan to a planet of their own creation. Album production and audio engineering duties were handled by Jackson Long, with mastering treatments administered by Brad Boatright. The end result is a massive and heavily layered presentation of Devotion’s most ambitious musical statement yet.


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