SUPAFUZZ – ST (Full album)

Published on August 12, 2014 by Seb

Lexington, Kentucky’s Supafuzz, put out two monster albums of seriously on fire funk/punk/metal, Supafuzz “ST,” (1998) & “All About Rock” (2000). Before that, anchor & guitarist Dave Angstrom put out the excellent “Truth,” by his former band, Black Cat Bone. So one would expect Dave’s new project Supafuzz to sound somewhat like Black Cat Bone, & to an extent Supafuzz does, but where Black Cat Bone was steeped in heavy southern rock metal with flourishes of funk, Supafuzz was faster, funkier, & had an extra added element of punk. Supafuzz “ST” could best be described as the Smashing Pumpkins (Gish era) meets Pat Travers on a good night! Supafuzz “ST” just boils & brims over with explosive three piece power trio command on high speed. It is one of my favorite albums from the 90’s, & is obscure as a orange tree in a Iowa cornfield, & you know how obscure that is? Right?

Not a wasted cut on this masterful masterpiece. Dave Angstrom just smokes through this album with a vigor, verve & swagger, drawing in the listener for his roller coaster guitar antics, aimed at both ears right into your brain, & out your hands & feet, in a wave of punk/funk/metal motion!

“ST” definitely gets my vote as one of the greatest rarities I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

1. Superstar
2. Push
3. Bushog
4. Long Way Home
5. Under A Gun
6. You Don’t Even Know Me
7. Welcome To Another Day In The Life Of A Foll
8. Down
9.. Mr. Policeman
10.. Unglued
11. Pretty Blank Page
12. Hollow
13. Breathe
14. Joke

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